Kepler data

As some people may have noticed the exoplanet app has not had any exoplanet updates recently. The reason behind this is the source I am using has not been updated with the recent kepler updates, if it is not resolved at the source by the end of the weekend I will manually update my database to include them.

Update on the state of things.

It's been a while since any activity has taken place on any of the apps, most noticeably exoplanet due to the nature of the application (no planet updates...), this is something that I am aware of but currently I am deciding where I want to take the apps I don't want to add pointless things in for the sake of adding features. So this is a more of a if you have any suggestions for anything please let me know and I shall look into it.
On a side note it has been a long time since I posted anything on here, I do mean to post more on here about things on here, I just have the feeling no on reads anything on here.


Exoplanet, a new application that was released last night and updated today, that shows the latest discoveries in exoplanets.
View the info page for more information on it.
Ratings on the market place would be nice.

Heliosphere Update

Little update for Heliosphere that allows custom maps to be viewed. Currently have a Moon and Mars elevation map for download on the Heliosphere page. Along with a guide on how you can create your own maps for Heliosphere.

New App: Heliosphere

Today a new application has been released called "Heliosphere". The application allows users to view a globe of various celestial bodies and locate surface features.
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